Our brands

We only stock the highest quality, BSI kitemarked products, so whether you’re thinking of sticking to old favourites or trying something new, Happy William is always a safe choice.


Durex is one of the world’s most recognisable condom brands, offering a wide range of sensations, sizes and thickness options, in addition to high-quality lubricant products.


EXS is a UK brand whose condoms have been supplied to the NHS since 1993 and are now sold internationally. EXS condoms come in a variety of sizes, sensations and thickness options.


Pasante is a trusted UK condom and lubricant brand offering a wide selection of products. Pasante condoms have a unique design, with a flared tip for extra comfort and easy-on fitting.


ON is a German condom brand that specialises in practical and pleasurable condoms, with a range of sizes and feels designed to enhance your sexual experience.


MY.SIZE condoms are extra thin condoms made in Germany. They come in 7 different sizes designed to help you find your comfort zone in the perfect fit.