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Orgasm Control Gel 100 ml


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Orgasm Control Gel was created to make you feel:

    • cooling and freezing effect – your penis ‘freezes’ in an erection
    • longer intercourse – up to 40 minutes
    • strong and long erection
  • unusual intense experience
  • full sexual satisfaction
  • confidence in manhood, confirmed by ejaculation control
  • no nervousness or uncertainty before intercourse




Innovative and the most effective gel delaying ejaculation! Finally on the market!


The Orgasm Control line is enriched with a new product. Orgasm Control + Gel is an innovative product that was created specifically at the request of our customers. We have created it so that you can enjoy extremely long intercourses. To enrich your experience while delaying the moment of ejaculation.

If you dream of enduring sexual long-distance runner in bed, use Orgasm Control + Gel regularly. No more feverish gallop, quick finish and the unhappy look of your woman! Embarrassment in intimate situations will disappear. Together with your partner, you will start to enjoy wonderful and long sex.

The problem of premature ejaculation affects almost half of the male population.

Men have faced the problem of premature ejaculation for hundreds of years. Imali the strangest ways. Counting back during intercourse or chasing away sexual ecstasy with visualization of the mother-in-law does not help, of course.

And now this emberrassing problem affects men of all ages. Stress, fatigue and an irregular lifestyle, a poor diet can lead to premature ejaculation. This problem affects not only men, but also their partners, frustrated by tho lack of orgasm.

Do not let yoru special, imtimate relationship suffer from your deficiencies. Orgasm Control + Gel is an effective way to control erection. Give your woman as much pleasure as she really needs.

How does Orgasm Control+ Gel work?

  • Slightly anesthetizes your penis
  • Prevents excessive stimulation of receptors within the penis
  • It gives an unusual feeling of cooling
  • Tones the reaction of nerve endings
  • it cares for the skin of the penis and prevents chafing
  • It opens you and your partner to unusual and deep sensations


Orgasm Control + owes its extraordinary properties to the cooling and anesthetic effect.

The gel formula has been designed so that the natural ingredients are best absorbed deep into the penis and better penetrate the internal tissues of the organ. Thanks to this, the action is immediate and allows you to enjoy intercourse even longer.

Orgasm Control + Gel a revolution in the prevention of premature ejaculation

The compounds and substances contained in the gel have a cooling and anesthetic effect. Thanks to new sensations, the erection is stronger and harder. Volatile oils prevent the acorn’s hypersensitivity. They tone the action of nerve endings within the penis, preventing excessive irritation and stimulation.

In addition, they have a local anesthetic effect, which delays sperm ejaculation and thus extends intercourse. Users confirm the excellent performance of this product. In addition, the use of the gel improves the appearance and deeply nourishes the skin of your penis!

With Orgasm Control + thousands of lovers around the world can enjoy sexual intercourse again as long as they want. Your woman will be delighted and you will join the group of bed marathon runners.



The essential oil mainly contains menthol, which gives a feeling of coolness. An ingredient with a characteristic fresh smell. It comes from North America, Europe, India and China. The substance inhibits the growth of microorganisms and has anti-inflammatory properties. It gives a feeling of freshness and coolness by interacting with the appropriate receptors present in the skin.


compound with a strong, characteristic mint flavor, one of the main ingredients of peppermint oil. It is characterized by refreshing, soothing, cooling and anesthetic irritations.


Peppermint Oil soothes skin inflammation and irritation, heats up.




How to useApply a small amount of gel to the penis immediately before intercourse

Possible side effects

Apply the gel to the inside of the forearm before use to check the sensitivity to the ingredients. In case of hypersensitivity to any component of the gel, in particular in the event of rush or itching, discontinue use.

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