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Pasante Ribbed Passion Condoms


Pasante Ribbed Passion Condoms



Pasante Ribbed Passion Condoms are a premium quality contraceptive product.

That offers a unique and intense experience for both partners during intimate moments.

These condoms are designed with a ribbed texture that enhances the sensitivity and pleasure for both partners.

Making the experience more enjoyable and satisfying.

These condoms are made from high-quality materials that provide both protection and comfort.

The ribbed texture is strategically placed to create a sensation that intensifies pleasure for both partners.

This texture is designed to stimulate the most sensitive areas of the body, resulting in a more pleasurable and satisfying experience.

Pasante Ribbed Passion Condoms are also designed to provide maximum protection against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

These condoms are made from natural latex and have been tested rigorously to ensure that they meet the highest standards for safety and effectiveness.

They are also coated with a lubricant that makes them easy to use and helps to reduce friction during intercourse.

They are suitable for both occasional and regular use and can be used with water-based or silicone-based lubricants.

These condoms are perfect for couples who want to add a new level of excitement and pleasure to their intimate moments.

They are easy to use and are suitable for all types of couples, regardless of their sexual orientation or preferences.

With their ribbed texture, they provide heightened sensations and pleasure for both partners.

They are easy to use, comfortable, and suitable for all types of couples.

Try them today and experience a new level of passion and pleasure in your intimate moments!






  •  Length: 190mm Width: 54mm Thickness:0.07mm
  •  CE Certified and BSI Kitemarked.
  • Long expiration date.
  • 100% Original
  • Latex rubber condoms with non-spermicidal lubrican.
  • No latex smell,no latex flavour.
  • Each condom is individually packaged.
  • All condoms are electronically tested.


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