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Skyn Large Non-Latex Condoms Box of 10 pcs


Skyn Large Non-Latex Condoms



Skyn Large Non-Latex Condoms have a 56mm nominal width which are a larger and longer option than our
standard condom sizes for an extra comfy fit.

Quality condoms, you can indulge in pleasurable moments while staying protected.

Skyn condoms are made with SKYNFEEL, a technologically advanced polyisoprene material that’s
completely free from natural rubber latex.
Skyn condoms are made in a who have a known or suspected latex allergy.
A Complete Range
Skyn offers a complete range of condoms to maximize your pleasure.
With Skyn, choose what you and your partner want and feel everything.
As a brand, Skyn will always fight for an authentic, spontaneous, and unperfected intimacy.
Make the right choice for an enhanced experience.
Lifestyles Quality 
Skyn condoms meet international standards.

The material used in their construction is ultra-thin, allowing for heightened sensitivity and an enhanced

connection between partners.

Made from premium quality materials, these condoms are designed to provide optimal protection

against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.

While offering an incredible natural feel.completely separate facility from natural rubber latex, just to be extra
careful for people

These condoms are equipped with a reservoir tip, ensuring added safety during use.

The lubricated surface not only facilitates smooth gliding but also enhances stimulation, intensifying the

experience for both partners.

Additionally, these condoms are pre-lubricated with a silky smooth lubricant.

This versatility allows you to explore various sensations, making every encounter unique and exciting.

Moreover, the discreet packaging of the box ensures convenience and privacy, making it easy to carry with

you wherever you go.

Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or an intimate night at home.

Width: 56mm 
Clear colour.
Latex free condoms with non-spermicidal lubrican.
100% Original.
Long expiration date.
Each condom is individually packaged.
All condoms are electronically tested.

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